Welcome to Ailene Biogenics

Ailene Biogenics is the brainchild of veterans of the pharma industry. With over three decades of experience in the Indian pharma sector, our founders discovered the crying need for skincare solutions that actually worked.

Most skincare brands sold in India are either foreign and do not understand the Indian skin type or homegrown brands that use generic cosmetic formulations.

The personal care industry's division into natural and synthetic products is a reflection of differing consumer expectations and industry responses. Natural products are traditionally associated with sensory experiences—smells, textures, and the psychological comfort of using ingredients from nature. They may not always promise immediate, measurable results but appeal to those looking for a holistic approach to personal care.

On the other hand, synthetic products are formulated to provide quick, visible outcomes, often at the cost of long-term wellness of hair and skin. This trade-off has led to a perception that natural products can't deliver tangible results. 

However, this dichotomy isn't necessary. Advancements in formulation technology and a deeper understanding of botanical science have opened the door to natural products that can offer both a pleasant sensory experience and measurable, long-lasting benefits. Creating such products does indeed demand exceptional skill in formulation—balancing the natural actives to work in synergy without the aid of synthetic boosters. It also requires a deep belief in the efficacy of natural ingredients, which have been used for centuries in various cultures for their healing and restorative properties.

The key is to harness these ingredients in a way that maximizes their benefits, which can involve innovative extraction methods, preservation techniques, and combining ingredients that amplify each other's effects. It's about shifting the industry's focus from immediate gratification to sustainable health and viewing natural products not just as a gentle alternative but as powerful solutions in their own right.

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As consumer awareness grows and demands shift towards sustainable and health-conscious products, the industry is compelled to innovate and deliver natural products that meet these high expectations without compromising on efficacy. The future of personal care lies in this balance, where nature and science work hand in hand to provide products that are both enjoyable to use and beneficial in the long term.Ailene was born of the idea that for a skincare product to actually show its effect on the skin, it has to be formulated through intensive research, backed by a ton of data. It has to have a therapeutic effect on the skin through tried and tested ingredients - both, natural and innovative.

We don’t pretend to make “organic” products, because in our decades’ long experience in this industry, we have found this word to be among the most abused, only after “natural.” A bottle of your favourite skincare brand may scream “natural” and organic” on the front, but it reveals its true colours at the back in the list of ingredients.

So what do we make?

We make “safe” and “effective” products. Not all natural and organic products may be effective in dealing with a skin problem. But our formulations that are backed by solid research and being formulated by dermatology experts, ensure that each ingredient is carefully chosen for its efficacy and safety. So that you get results that are long term and sustainable.